This is my brother.
My mom adopted Jayson one year after he was born. His biological parents were heavy drug users throughout the pregnancy and it quickly became clear he was experiencing severe behavioral and developmental disorders. Throughout his life Jayson has collected a range of diagnoses including ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar, psychosis, and radical attachment disorder. As Jayson grew older these problems manifested with increasing frequency and violence. In 2003 my mother decided to place Jayson in therapeutic residential treatments - also known as group homes. 
This project documents Jayson's story and explores the long-lasting effects of mental illness on individuals and their families. These images are created using official documents from the years Jayson spent in group homes, which have been collaged to recreate photos of Jayson and other family members. 
South Tahoe Now: Project takes STHS grad on journey through family's experience with mental illness
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